Introducing Greet Street Art, a creative studio specialising in graphic design, art & design print, and fit-out art.

Founded by Aoibhne Hogan in Dublin, Ireland.

There are a wide variety of styles in Aoibhne’s art. From botanical, architectural, abstract, geometric & scenic, she finds expressing creativity through each of them comes naturally, rather than focusing on only one.

Her wall art prints are available on the Greet Street Shop which is updated regularly, so checking in often is always a pleasant surprise to see the new prints!

wall art for living room

Three Abstract Art Prints on the Living Room Wall

She works in ‘collections’ which might be the latest trends, seasonal, or a colour palette. Architectural art is a longer process & more of a deep study, as she prefers to work from the actual buildings that inspire her – modern, brutalist & Bauhaus.

Being the daughter of an architect, she has a keen eye which has been observing architecture since her youth. Creating the initial vector shapes & spaces is followed by adding shadows, depth & finally textures. Her bank of textures comes from walls, fences, metallic surfaces & tables. This style lends itself well to large scale & lobby art which she has dotted around Dublin.

Architectural art

Red Door Copenhagen – Architectural Art

The botanical art comes from hours of free time during the lockdowns. It is an incredibly therapeutic practice of painting leaves, which has now resulted in a very large portfolio collection. It also has become incredibly popular for wall art in living rooms and kitchens.

Wall art print set

Set of Six Botanical Art Framed

Her abstract art is an equally relaxing practice & one which she cannot resist creating when she’s not focused on a particular result, she opens up to 10 empty files at a times & works consecutively.

Abstract Art for wall

Abstract Art Print Rose

Through her art commissions, Aoibhne has discovered new colour palettes & adores the exploration of form & blends with somebody else’s private home in mind. She understands people’s preferences, and that every home is unique & strives to colour your space just right, making you proud & happy in your home.

Working with Interior Architects & Designers is a favourite part of her job, creating according to their mood boards of styles & colours, furnishings & surroundings. The multi-unit apartment blocks & their large lobbies can be filled with her bespoke wall art, keeping in line with the theme of the building & maintaining a subtle feel to the art.

architectural art print for all

Architectural Art Print Set for Living Room


Welcome to Greet Street Art.