Table 24

I was briefed to design a Japanese-inspired food & cocktail menu. It was a collaboration with Beefeater 24, Japanese chefs & Irish barmen.
The Beefeater promotional project focused on the botanics the gin is made from, many of them Japanese.

Table 24 is placed in an outdoor area, it is sheltered & luxurious. There are 3 sittings a day & sits 14 people. This is a spot made for fun.

Within the complex menu are different Japanese courses with paired teas & Beefeater cocktails. Pairing garnishes are supplied on the
Table & I was tasked with illustrating these for the menu & placing them into a map plan, showing the customer around the Table. Creating
a Japanese-inspired food & drinks menu for the Western market was an interesting challenge, but there is never a dull moment, it is
a unique & colourful experience.