We were asked to re-create Prohibition for a New Year’s Eve as an events team. My job was to research the era & mood board for presentation & consider all of the print work for the night. I set up the photo shoots using our staff for the posters, worked with the mixologist creating the cocktails for the menus & designed labels to go on the old bottles for the cocktails we served on arrival.

Back then, as alcohol was prohibited during the 1920’s – ‘33, one way to legally obtain liquor was through ’prescriptions’. I recreated these prescriptions as our menus on the night – 6 classic cocktails of the era with a tear-off stub as a voucher, which entitled you to one of these cocktails. The project was a fantastic opportunity to bring in every cheeky element of the Speakeasy bar of it’s time. We made sure all signage, images & decor, brought our customers right back in time…the night was a sell-out & there was an old mischief in the air!