Z Limerick


The brief from this bar requested a new logo & menu, based on apothecary background & chemistry of alcohol.

On researching this new & fascinating world, I pulled out the word ‘dissect’ & explored the anatomy of plants. I brought this
concept into every cocktail – 47 of them, broke down their ingredients, dissected the botanics & garnishes, used the shapes of the
chemical bonds as abstract illustration & colour-coded each ingredient…now I know the chemical breakdown of 47 cocktails, from the H20 in the ice to the angelica root, juniper berries & all the botanics & spices used in every gin on the market, not to mention each syrup, bitters, tinctures & all the fruits. It has brought a whole new meaning & an added appreciation to these concocted treasures & the barmen that so passionately put them together.

The serif fonts were inspired by old apothecary & prescribed alcohol bottles’ labels that were printed with big old presses, creating those small imperfections on the page, reminding us of their great hand-made craft. The old distilleries used stamps for the dates, I’ve used this font type for the cocktail titles.

There is a beautiful science behind your cocktails – ask me anything!