Still staring at those blank walls? We work with you to understand your personalities & preferences & what makes your home unique to you, within timelines & budgets. We will colour your space in keeping with your style but making you feel comfortable & proud in your own home. Calm of colourful? Or green-themed throughout – we love a personal touch! Contact us here & we’ll take of from there.


We know our bars & restaurants – from building venues to refurbing spaces, we know both sides of the industry very well. We understand what it is like to walk into a space a have all our senses stimulated at once, we strive to create a sense of aesthetic pleasure & perfect visual ambiance when passing through your space. From your architectural design stages or are in need of a refurb, Greet Street offers creative and bespoke art and design solutions that convey your brand values and communicates your style and service… elevating the experience of your guests


Every guest walks into your space expecting nothing less than a memorable experience. Years of not only working with hotels, but being that highly aesthetic-conscious guest ourselves, we understand the role art and design play in creating a unique ambience your guests will cherish and remember for years to come. Be it large lobby art, calming bedroom visuals or local architectural buildings in your urban hotel perhaps? Contact us here for inspiration or share your vision & let us take you further.