Home is a place where you keep everything you truly care about. Your bedroom: an even more personal reflection of your true self, there is no space as personal in your home. How much time do you spend looking around your bedroom & wondering what can be improved? Do you like dim or bright lighting, is your space zen or messy? What type of art decor are you looking for to give your room personality?
Where art is concerned, none of these factors matter. There is art for absolutely everybody’s preferences & tastes. Art enhances both the aesthetic and comfort level desired in a bedroom. When choosing art, you might feel each piece will either soothe or distract you, it’s important to note this – bedrooms are a haven to relax & re-energise, so go for colours that make you feel good & put you at ease.
We find abstract art to be by far the best-seller for bedrooms, as it evokes your feelings & interpretations & thus has a deeper relationship with it. A calming bedroom art print piece at that, will play an important role in your unwinding & switching off in the evenings. It’s best to choose colours that are in sync with the decor of the room, nothing too contrasting. Look for cues around the furnishings & try to complement these or blend in so that nothing is jarring to the eye every time you enter the space or sit within it.

Bedroom Art Print Framed

Bedroom Art Print Framed – Swim


We understand that trying to imagine all these factors when choosing bedroom art can be near impossible & overwhelming. At Greet Street, we adore this. We love listening to your preferences, we’ll ask all the right questions, and we want to maximise comfort in your bedroom & still make it feel like it’s ‘you’.

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